June 7th

Second 10 mile run in the books.

I think this posting will be talking about the pain I am now experiencing after putting in 33 miles over the past week.

This week we really stepped up the activity level. There are a couple reasons. Firstly I need to get into shape if I’m going to be able to run a marathon toward the end of this year. Secondly I got involved in a June challenge to run 100 miles. I am in a heated battle with somebody on who can get to 100 miles first. I’m certain to lose but I’m not planning on losing badly, I plan to keep it as close as I possibly can.

Let’s be clear who I am battling, this person has run several marathons, knows how to manage her breathing, running, pace and anything else I haven’t learned yet. However because we are both quite the competitors in anything, there’s a lot on the line.

As a result I put a lot of miles on my body over the past week, namely my knee. I have roughed that thing up pretty good. But that’s not the only pain I’m experiencing, there are several different areas of pain that I want to describe, which I do after my run summary.

Ran another 10 miles today

My goal for this run was to just get into cruise mode and take it pretty slowly and get a little faster every mile. I wanted to keep my heart rate in the range of 140-160bpm (about 70%-80%). I kind of wanted to see what it felt like to just settle in and get the miles in.

My next goal is going to be a half marathon, even though that’s only 3.1 miles more than what I just ran, I feel like those extra miles will be a different psychological experience.

I typically run laps around Humboldt Park in Chicago which is about 1.7 miles around. This means I put in about 5 miles for a 10 mile run. I will have to add another 2 laps, this doesn’t sound like a lot but psychologically it’s annoying.

I’m trying to get to that “breaking” point where I’m feeling fine from an exertion perspective and my muscles are doing fine, but my mind starts to get annoyed. I did notice I got annoyed with my shirt today, so I had to take it off, it made me feel better and more free.

I also noticed the feeling of my shoes being tighter than I was remembering them being, so I’ll have to keep my thoughts on how that goes as we get closer to trying to do a half marathon in a week or so.

Overall the run was fine, I didn’t want to beat up my knee too much so I stopped at just over 10.5 miles and walked the rest of the way home. So hopefully if I have a rest day tomorrow and then get back on the streets on Tuesday I will feel pretty good physically and be ready for getting to the 13.1 miles on Saturday or Sunday. We shall see!

Description of my pain below…

Outside of my left foot

This is probably the largest source of pain for me right now, it hurts to walk on it. It hurts for the entire run. It comes in waves and feels like I have a tendon that is being stretched to the limits running from just after the heel up to right before my little toe. The area of most sensitivity is right near my heel, on the soft bit of tissue between the heel pad and where the bones of the toes start to push outward on the foot.

This pain is excruciating in the morning. When getting out of bed, the pain is almost unbearable, I feel like I’m going to fall because it makes me want to contort my foot in a weird way and puts me off balance.

Shin of my right leg

This is the second worse pain I’m dealing with, it feels like significant muscle fatigue. The pain starts about midway up my shin, right on the outside edge of my tibia and where the muscle nestles right in there. It feels like bruising pain. The bone hurts and so does the muscle. I can handle this pain and it usually goes away once I’m warmed up.

Lower calf on my right leg

The lower calf hurts a lot, I think this is just because I’m not in running shape. The pain goes most of the way up my calf until the real muscle mass starts. Again it goes away once I’m running but hurts during the day while just sitting or walking around.

Left knee

This is my surgical knee, so I’m expecting it to feel some pain. Most of the pain is on the top left portion of my knee, where the quad muscle starts to connect. This area was a bit swollen last night, so I rolled it out and it made it feel much better. I have all the stability I expect to have, but there are some times where it feels like I am putting a bit too much stress on it.

On the lower part of the knee where the largest incision was is the source of my other pain, not necessarily the bone or anything but the feeling sensation hasn’t completely come back yet, so it feels funky when I’m running.


Both of my butt cheeks are sore. That’s about it. I think it’s just over use.

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