we all get hurt

I named this site “ACL to Marathon” because that’s what I’m up to. It can be literally “anything to anything hard to do.” Point being, in life nothing goes exactly to plan. When things don’t go your way one time, two times or a thousand times are you going to get up, dust yourself off, do what you gotta do and get to where you want to go?

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I’m going to get to the starting line of a marathon ever. This is a reality after having surgery on my knee. I am definitely going to find out if I’m able to get to that starting line and if I don’t I’ll find something else.

At the end of the day, a lot of things haven’t gone my way in my life and that’s okay. Because the few that have gone my way blow any of the setbacks or problems I’ve experienced away. I thoroughly enjoy the journey. I’m in the game.

So whoever you are that may be reading this wondering whether you’re capable of doing something impossible. Take it from me, nothing is impossible. You just gotta tell the universe what you want and figure out how you’re gonna get it.

This experience of life is a marathon, running this particular marathon doesn’t define me but it does teach me, it’ll tell me what I’m capable of doing, whether I like it or not. I’m just excited for the journey and to find out whatever it is.

I’ll try to keep this as updated as best I can.

Half Marathon

I’ll stop at nothing, I am the siren that sings you home, is that clear?Tusk and Temper – Every Time I Die I finally finished the half marathon distance after not being able to push myself beyond 10 miles several times. Even on this day, July 12th I didn’t set out to do a 13…

June 2020 @ 100 Miles

Right before June started I joined a challenge to run 100 miles in the month of June. Tonight I finished that challenge. Roughly 6 days ahead of schedule. I’m the type of guy that will dwell on things for years and other things no dwelling at all. I’m not sure where I’m at on running…

June 7th

Second 10 mile run in the books. I think this posting will be talking about the pain I am now experiencing after putting in 33 miles over the past week. This week we really stepped up the activity level. There are a couple reasons. Firstly I need to get into shape if I’m going to…

June 6th

Last Saturday, I managed to get my first 10 mile run in. How did it go? It went well, I knew I was going to be running 10 miles when I left the house so it was good to have that psychologically in my mind because I knew I would need to manage my breathing.…

Sync Apple Activity/Workout to Nike+ Run Club (NRC)

I joined a challenge with my co-workers for the month of June. The challenge is being done through the Nike+ Run Club (NRC) app. I don’t really like using NRC to record my workouts or runs, I prefer to use the Apple Activity app for my workouts. The problem is there is no way to…