Sync Apple Activity/Workout to Nike+ Run Club (NRC)

I joined a challenge with my co-workers for the month of June. The challenge is being done through the Nike+ Run Club (NRC) app. I don’t really like using NRC to record my workouts or runs, I prefer to use the Apple Activity app for my workouts. The problem is there is no way to get the Apple workouts into NRC directly.

I didn’t know this prior to the NRC challenge being set up so I was running using Apple activity assuming that I could just sync them up like I do with Strava. This is not the case. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to get my run into NRC.

I initially thought I could manually add the activity manually to NRC, you can do this but it will not have any metrics and it won’t sync with the challenge. I looked all over the internet and they only discussed how to get NRC activities into Strava or into some other service, never how to get them into NRC from some other app.

So how did I figure this thing out?

Simply put you need to get a couple more apps to make the journey from Apple activity to NRC. Here is a list of things you’ll need:

  1. From your iPhone install RunGap
  2. From your iPhone install Polar Flow
  3. You should already have Nike Run Club app installed on your phone.

What is RunGap?

Run gap is used to consolidate all your activities between all the different services you use. It is pretty cool because you can download and “share” your activities to other services which enables you to sync between services if you use a bunch of them or are forced to use another app in order to take part in a challenge with your friends on another service.

Why do I need Polar Flow?

You need Polar Flow because it is the one partner app that you will need to configure in your NRC app that can write to NRC with all the run/activity details that you need.

How do I actually do the sync from Apple Activity to NRC?

  1. Register for Polar Flow
  2. Once registered and in the app on your phone to to the More view
  3. Select General Settings
  4. In the Connect section Enable Nike+. This will bring up a login screen where you will enter your NRC username and password.
  5. Go to your RunGap iPhone app
  6. Go to Accounts & Settings
  7. Set up Health to import your activities as a source
  8. Set up Polar Flow to import your activities as a source and also as a destination
  9. Once both Health and Polar Flow are configured, go to Activities in the RunGap app
  10. Pull down refresh to get all your activities from the Health app
  11. Select the activity you want to get into NRC
  12. Press the ellipses menu in the top right
  13. Select Share
  14. Enable Polar Flow
  15. Press Share
  16. Once that is complete, go to your Nike Run Club app
  17. Go to your profile (press profile picture in top left)
  18. Select Settings
  19. Select Partners
  20. Select Polar
  21. If required enter your credentials
  22. Once that’s complete, you should see the activity you shared to Polar Flow in your NRC app

Seems like a lot of stupid steps, but unfortunately this seems to be the only way I have found to get Apple Activities into NRC.

Why not record your activity using NRC?

I don’t use it for two reasons. It has let me down multiple times on capturing metrics (e.g. my heart rate, pace, splits, etc) meaning none of that data was captured or synced to the activity and I rely on it. Second reason is I am a Strava user and it has a very seamless process for importing Apple Activities into the service. If I were to use the NRC app to record my workout I have to still have a middle man app (like RunGap) to get the activity into my health app and then into my Strava account.

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