Getting out of the comfort zone.

Today was the first day at PT where I actually felt like I was “working out” as compared to being rehabilitated. The therapists are trying to see where my breaking point is so they are having me do things outside of the comfort zone. I finally got out of my comfort zone today.

Granted the comfort zone boundary is having a rubber band around my ankles and walking back and forth for about 30 feet. My legs and butt were on fire during this part of the work out. I had to pause a couple times to rest them for a few seconds because it was almost too much to handle.

I really enjoyed this. So I’ve said that I’m waiting for the setback and maybe that’s the setback. Maybe the setback is that I have to take my time, I gotta do the things in a particular order before I’m going to be able to feel like myself again.

I still can’t wait to be able to jog and then to run, I’m so excited I almost can’t contain myself.

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